Aeroseal: Duct and Air Sealing

Aeroseal offers industry leader duct and air sealing technology that improves the lives of people world-wide by delivering comfort, healthy air, and substantial energy savings.

e-Zinc: Storing Electricity in Metal

By Storing Electricity in Metal or "Metallizing Energy", e-Zinc Provides the Most Economic Form of Long-Duration Energy (Battery) Storage, plus Avoids Rare Earth Supply Chain Issues.

Go Electric: MicroGrid

Go Electric MicroGrid solutions enables organizations to store energy and operate independently from the public electrical grid.

OneSource: Energy Consulting and Turnkey Project Management

OneSource is your one-stop energy sustainability solution. Whether you're looking to provide EV charging stations for your parking lot, take advantage of energy rebates, reduce your organization's carbon footprint or increase energy reliability for your company, we have the solution to help you meet your goals.